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Barrier is an easy to apply, highly durable, chemical resistant, water based, urethane surface sealer for interior or exterior concrete and masonry surfaces. Matte finish version coming soon!


Barrier Urethane Surface Sealer

I’m out staining and sealing concrete everyday and this is my go to sealer of choice. Barrier is semi-gloss, water based, urethane surface sealer that bonds really well to concrete and is super durable. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and doesn’t break down from full sun exposure. Above all, it’s super easy to apply! You just roll it on using standard short nap paint roller. Two or three coats can be applied all in one day since it sets up quick and is fully cured in 72 hours… nice!

Here’s some more technical info about Barrier…

Barrier solves the common problems caused by applying a topical to outdoor concrete, stone, or masonry surfaces. This highly chemically resistant sealer is designed to strongly bond to varied types of surfaces.  For example, it creates a hard, abrasion resistant layer of protection. Though extremely strong and highly UV resistant, Barrier’s true innovation lies in its ability to allow the transmission of water vapor. In other words, allowing the substrate to breathe! Now you can protect your outdoor surfaces from the harsh effects of weathering without causing spalling within the interior of the stone or concrete. Likewise you won’t see delamination of the topical layer. Barrier is an excellent choice for indoor surfaces where strength and chemical resistance is required.

To sum it up, Modern Stone’s Barrier is a highly durable, chemically resistant, film forming sealer designed for use on exterior and interior concrete, stone, or masonry surfaces. Barrier’s UV resistant formula will not yellow or cloud over time and will strongly resist the harsh effects of outdoor weathering. Its water-based, semi-gloss finish only requires two or three coats in order to get extreme strength and beauty. However, it’s is also an excellent choice for indoor applications that endure significant wear. Above all you can use Barrier not only on concrete but on slate, saltillo, terra cotta,masonry, sandstone, tumbled marble, quartzite and other porous substrates where a semi-gloss finish is desired.

The videos below will help you with the application process. To clarify, each coat should be applied within one hour of each other for proper bonding. Apply multiple thin coats instead of one thick coat for best results. Keep back rolling the sealer until it’s completely clear before moving on to the next section.

Barrier Coverage Chart:

Approximate square foot coverage for the typical job, per gallon.

  • Concrete: 500 – 600 first coat / 600 – 900 additional coats

Barrier can be used on natural stone and masonry surfaces as well.

  • Travertine: *900
  • Limestone: *900
  • Marble: *900
  • Granite: 800
  • Slate: 700
  • Quartzite: *900
  • Sandstone: 250
  • Flagstone: 250
  • Terra Cotta: 300
  • Saltillo Tile: 300
  • Brick/Masonry: 250

* Tumbled ONLY


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 12 in

1 gal., 5 gal.