Make Concrete Great Again.

Make your old concrete great again by using Creto Concrete Sealants. Creto Sealants can be used on ALL concrete including new installations to help preserve the substrate. Our unique formula was originally created in 1918 in the United States, and has since preserved millions of square feet of concrete all around the world. In addition to being a truly superior sealer line, our products are also made in the USA, environmentally safe, VOC free, non-flammable, and water soluble!

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ONE TIME APPLICATION and permanent solution to concrete deterioration.
Densifies, hardens, strengthens, and greatly extends life of treated concrete.
Water based, VOC free, totally non-toxic, environmentally and ecologically friendly.
Positive or negative-side waterproof (holding a hydrostatic head and holds back hydrostatic pressure).
Eliminates the hassles prior to top coat application. Never pH again and never moisture test again!
Increases top coat adherence up to 300%!
Retards penetration of grease, oils, and acids.
Reduces or eliminates wear due to abrasion, freeze-thaw and salt attack and reduces or eliminates sweating for easier ice and snow removal.
Reduces or eliminates bacteria growth permanently.
Protects against ASR (Alkali-silica reaction).
Cures new concrete uniformly.
Free shipping on orders of 5 gallons or more!


One coat application!
Leaves a clear, non-glossy surface, will not alter color or texture of substrate.
Impervious to penetration of water, acids and salts while enabling easier ice removal.
Can be applied to most porous hard surfaces like concrete, brick, pavers, and natural stone.
Easy surface cleaning of most spills with mild soap and water.
Will not yellow, peel or flake off.
Free shipping on orders of 5 gallons or more!

A Superior and Permanent Solution

Creto Sealants are superior to those found in big chain stores in terms of quality, performance, durability, and long term results. Creto Sealants are true professional grade products that have historically only been used for military, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. Creto Sealants are now also being made available to contractors and do-it-youselfers for the homeowner market so that homeowners can enjoy the same superior benefits that people in the commercial and industrial markets have been enjoying for years.

CretoSeal Videos

Check out some of our restoration and application videos below

Creto’s original Deep Penetrating Sealant recipe was created in the United States in 1918. Since then, Creto products have been used around the world on a wide range of projects. These projects include the Hotel New Yorker in the 30’s, Disneyland in the 50’s, Disney World in the 70’s, New Boston Convention Center in the 90’s, and the Grand National Theater, Beijing, China in 2007.

Cretoseal™ is the exclusive online distributor of Creto Concrete Sealants. Creto products are superior to those found in big chain stores in terms of quality, performance, durability, and long term results. We are proud to be able to distribute these professional grade products to homeowners and contractors all around the Great USA. We value your business and will work hard to provide you with the highest quality sealants at competitive prices, a convenient online shopping experience, knowledgeable and experienced technical support, and quality customer service.

Some Of Our Clients

University of Calgary
Safeway Stores
Disney World

We have used this product extensively and highly recommend it for its superior ability to hold hydrostatic head blow grade in concrete. Our findings come from our work with constant hydrostatic pressure, fifty feet below grade, thirty feet below river bed. Specifically a very large active leak, combination area of horizontal, vertical and honeycomb cracking on fifth level (bottom level) of parkade. From previous jobs this new technique showed a dramatic improvement in stoppage of water flow with reduced usage of expensive waterproofing products and thus reduced material and labor cost.

The Sealer Man – Calgary, Alberta

Here is the follow-up letter as I promised you regarding the application of you product CRETO to the meat room of our Palm Springs store. We were impressed enough with the results of the Palm Springs store that we have made one further application in National City, California. The results of the floor at this time appear to be good and we anticipate making additional applications.

Safeway Stores, Inc. National City, CA – Design Manager

CRETO was used, with success, at DISNEYLAND, California and later at DISNEY WORLD, Florida while I was Manager of Architectural Design Department in Florida. At DISNEY WORLD we had tried a number of products for waterproofing concrete, masonry and other cementious surfaces. CRETO was tried and proved to be best product we could find. I would recommend “CRETO” for all concrete work, new or rehabilitation work.

Disneyworld – Manager of Architectural Design

CretoSeal Photos

Here are some photos of residential and commercial restoration projects using Creto products.

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Please feel free to ask us for support on application techniques, bulk order discounts, product storage, etc.. Creto Worldwide Sealants are easy to apply but if our product pages, descriptions, and videos don’t answer all of your questions, we can walk you through the recommended application techniques. Bulk orders of 30 gal. or more can be placed by phone. All other orders must be placed online. If there are any problems with the shipping or damaged products, please contact us through our contact form on this page. We will respond within one business day for any requests for technical support. All products are drop shipped from Creto Worldwide’s distribution center in Las Vegas, Nevada. CretoSeal™ only accepts orders within the United States of America. Cretoseal™ is a trademark of State Of Creative Online Design and Marketing llc.

If you would like to talk to a CretoSeal™ representative, please include your phone number in the message box or leave a voice message and we will call you back between the times listed below. Five Three Zero 210-1914

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm  or Saturday 11:00am – 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time.

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