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It might be too cold to restore your outdoor surfaces but it’s a perfect time to work on improving your interior. We can help you improve your concrete and stone surfaces with our in depth “how to” videos and amazing line of products. CretoSeal™ products can be used on concrete and natural stone surfaces including new installations to help preserve and enhance the substrate. All of our products are easy to use, made in the USA, eco-friendly, VOC free or low in VOC’s, and non-flammable!

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Best Selling Products

Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS)

From: $49.95

Creto DPS is a PERMANENT, water based sealant that completely waterproofs, strengthens, dust-proofs, and preserves concrete surfaces. It will eliminate efflorescence and moisture in concrete which prevents topcoat delamination. It also increases topcoat adherence up to 300%! Watch our videos for proper application techniques.

Barrier EXT

From: $24.95

Barrier EXT is a highly durable, chemically resistant, film forming topical sealer for interior or exterior concrete and natural stone surfaces.

Color Mist

From: $19.95

Color Mist is a water-based, interior / exterior concrete stain with great UV stability and excellent penetration. Choose from 15 different stain colors that will leave your concrete with a rich, natural, organic pattern. If applied correctly this stain is non-film forming which increases the topcoat’s bonding ability.

Poly Shine

From: $92.95

Poly-Shine Concrete Sealer is a water-based, easy to apply, single component, polyurethane sealant that gives surfaces a glossy “wet” finish. It enhances and protects the color and appearance stained concrete. Design for interior and exterior high foot traffic floors.

The Ultimate DIY

Concrete Staining Kits


Economy Stain Kit

From $183.80

Save $20 when buying this concrete staining combo. This economy staining kit is great for beginners who are on a tight budget.


Standard Stain Kit

From $273.70

Save $30 when buying this concrete staining combo. The standard staining kit is great for beginners and pros alike.


Premium Stain Kit

From $362.75

Save $25 when buying this DIY staining combo. This premium staining kit is easy to use for the beginner and pro alike.

Concrete & Masonry Products

Industrial Strength Solutions

CretoSeal™ featured products are superior to those found in big chain stores in terms of quality, performance, durability, and long term results. Creto Sealants Modern Stone Technologies manufacture true professional grade products that have historically only been used for military, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. CretoSeal™ is now making these products available to contractors and Do-It-Youself-ers for the residential market so that homeowners can enjoy the same superior benefits that people in the commercial and industrial markets have been enjoying for years.

CretoSeal™ Videos

Check out some of our restoration and application videos below

Video on how to apply Creto DPS

Application using Creto DPS and Poly Shine

Pool Deck application using Color Mist Stain and Creto DPS

Hone, stain and seal concrete using Creto DPS, Color Mist and Poly StepGuard

Clean and seal stone using Preserve and Enhancer

Concrete polishing using Creto DPS

Creto’s original Deep Penetrating Sealant recipe was created in the United States in 1918. Since then, Creto products have been used around the world on a wide range of projects. These projects include the Hotel New Yorker in the 30’s, Disneyland in the 50’s, Disney World in the 70’s, New Boston Convention Center in the 90’s, and the Grand National Theater, Beijing, China in 2007.

Cretoseal™ is the exclusive online distributor of Creto Concrete Sealants. We also carry products from Modern Stone Technologies and SealGreen. CretoSeal™ featured products are all easy to use even for beginners, environmentally friendly, and contain either low or no VOCs. We are proud to be able to distribute these professional grade products to homeowners and contractors all around the Great USA. We value your business and will work hard to provide you with the highest quality products at competitive prices, a convenient online shopping experience, knowledgeable and experienced technical support, and quality customer service.

CretoSeal™ Photos

Here are some photos of residential and commercial restoration projects using CretoSeal™ Featured Products.

Some Of Our Clients

University of Calgary
Safeway Stores
Disney World

About CretoSeal™

Hi, I’m Nick O. owner of Sweet Concrete and Tile llc. based out of Star, Idaho. In 2007 I was trained in natural stone and tile resurfacing and started Stone Improvement out of San Francisco. I started taking on concrete resurfacing in 2010 and found the process much more enjoyable. Being a rookie I was running into problems like moisture and pH imbalances in the concrete I was working on. I was talking to my friend’s father Randy Thompson (CEO of Creto Worldwide) and he turned me onto Creto DPS. This product has been such a game changer for me I decided to go full force with the concrete restoration and started Sweet Concrete in 2015. All orders for Creto products had to be placed by phone which was inconvenient. Being a web nerd I partnered up with Creto and started CretoSeal™ distribution the following year. In 2019 I started carrying Modern Stone products and in 2020 I started carrying SealGreen products as well. I’m excited to be able to bring these eco-friendly products to you in a convenient online shopping experience. Enjoy!

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Please inquire about bulk order and contractor discounts. CretoSeal™ featured products are easy to apply but if our product pages, descriptions, and videos don’t answer all of your questions, we can walk you through the recommended application techniques. All orders must be placed online. If there are any problems with the shipping or damaged products, please contact us through our contact form on this page. We will respond within one business day for any requests for technical support. All products are drop shipped from either Creto Worldwide’s distribution center in Las Vegas, Nevada, or Modern Stone Technologies distribution center in Chandler, Arizona, or SealGreen distribution center in Overland Park, Kansas. CretoSeal™ only accepts orders within the United States of America. Cretoseal™ is a trademark of Sweet Concrete and Tile llc.

If you would like to talk to a CretoSeal™ representative, please include your phone number in the message box or leave a voice message and we will call you back between the times listed below. (208) 957-0479

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