Color Mist

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Color Mist is a water-based, interior / exterior concrete stain with great UV stability and excellent penetration. Choose from 15 different stain colors that will leave your concrete with a rich, natural, organic pattern.


Color Mist – Water Based Concrete Stain

For years I’ve been using Color Mist concrete stain. I’ve personally applied around 200,000 sq. ft. of stain for my clients… and myself. In other words, this is by far my favorite stain compared to any other stain on the market. Here’s why… I love the look of it! No other water based stain gives the floor a mottled, flowing pattern. In addition, it has great adhesion and is easy to use. What can beat that?!!

Your floors will look more unique and the color vibrancy will last longer using Color Mist stain compared to any other water based stain on the market. I’ve personally applied hundreds of thousands of square feet of this stain without a single complaint about the stain fading over time or the product looking drab or bland. Check out the photos below or the pics on our home page to see for yourself. Those are all jobs I’ve personally done using this awesome concrete stain.

More Info

Color Mist from Concrete Chemistries is a water-based concrete stain is an advanced polymer modified product that penetrates and bonds with cemetacious surfaces to create a beautiful and long-lasting look. These UV stable stains offer a vibrant, mottled and varied look equal to reactive types of concrete stains products ( acid stains ) without the hazards and complication of application. This micronized pigment is available in a variety of colors and is easy to apply. If applied correctly this stain is non-film forming which increases the topcoat’s bonding ability.

More photos of the Color Mist concrete stain are on my website Sweet Concrete where ALL the concrete staining pictures are of my work using exclusively Color Mist concrete stain.

You can order our stain in a kit along with the correct cleaners and surface sealer needed for a perfect application. Find out why your new DIY Concrete Staining Kit is so unique…

Color Mist gets approximately 325 – 375 square feet per gallon of stain.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 6.2 × 6.2 × 12.9 in
Color Options

Amber, Black, Bronze, Brown, Cola, Dark Brown, Dusty Rose, Forest, Grey, Mahogany, Sienna, Terra Cotta, Tobacco, Turquoise, White


1 qt., 1 gal.