Cure and Seal Concentrate – One Gallon

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Designed for  freshly installed concrete while it is “green” or still wet. Our water based Cure and Seal Sealer penetrates into and becomes part of the concrete, resisting damage from sun and exposure.


Designed for  freshly installed concrete while it is “green” or still wet.

Product is shipped in concentrated form for to save on shipping. Adding water to the concentrate will make the sealer ready-to-use and install.

The Main Benefits of Using SealGreen Concrete Cure and Sealer:

Our water based Cure and Seal Sealer penetrates into and becomes part of the concrete, resisting damage from sun and exposure. Film forming sealers, sealers which remain on the top of the concrete’s surface, break down under sun and exposure, which can wash off and contaminate the water table. SealGreen Concrete Cure and Seal with Salt Defense Technology is not susceptible to temperature, weather, or UV exposure damage.

Contains no solvents or VOCs – Cure and Seal Sealer is considered a true green product. It is applied while the concrete is finished but is still wet or “green”. SealGreen Cure and Seal does NOT requires waiting until the concrete can support a person before application (on warm days this is critical to water evaporation).

As it chemically reacts and penetrates into the concrete sealing pores immediately, Cure and Seal allows for less water evaporation during curing time; yet, still provides the needed 2% moisture vapor transmission rate. The actions of sealer ultimately increases the surface strength as measured in pounds per square inch. No special equipment is required for the application process. Tools used may be easily cleaned with water and will not need flammable or other harsh cleaners. Ease of cleaning will also help prevent clogs forming your spray equipment unlike film forming sealers, for which this problem is common.

SealGreen Cure and Sealer Concrete Sealer with Salt Defense Technology will not leave an uneven look from either over or under spraying like film-forming sealers. The penetrating action of the seal leaves the surface ready other final flooring applications unlike film forming sealers which require the surface to be removed in preperation for other flooring options.

Simple application process:

  • Mix SealGreen’s Concrete Cure and Seal Sealer concentrate in a bucket with water for a ready-to-use sealer.
  • Apply to concrete which is “green” or still wet, using a hand-held pump sprayer with a fan tip – Pump Sprayer Information.
  • One gallon of sealer should cover 350-400 square feet.
  • And feel free to contact us with any questions about your project. We are always here to help!

Why use a Chemically-Reactive, Penetrating, Siliconate Sealer – Understanding Cure and Seal Sealer

Maintaining the proper moisture vapor transmission rate (2% mvtr) immediately after placement and throughout the ensuing 28 days is critical to establishing structurally sound concrete. This process is known as curing.

For many years (now considered old school methodology) concrete was cured by continuously applying water to green concrete after installation was complete or by covering concrete with burlap blankets, moist straw, or plastic blankets to reduce excessive water evaporation which causes concrete to cure incorrectly. Due to the increase of labor costs, water-curing concrete for 14 to 28 days became economically impossible.

In the 1950’s the method of curing concrete with a film-forming curing sealer became very popular. The surface film sealers work well but at the same time they create a problem for concrete surfaces that were eventually going to be stained, painted or covered with some type of flooring. The curing film had to be mechanically removed from the concrete surface in order to allow other coatings to be applied to the concrete without problems.

In the 1990’s the US government started testing and curing concrete with chemically-reactive penetrating curing sealers. After several tests, they discovered the many benefits gained from this new generation of sealer. The sealers were applied to bridges, airport runways, roads, parking lots.

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