Concrete and Stone Improvement Products

Save yourself headaches by using our easy to apply products. None of them need mixing so that means no part A and part B… or buying distilled water or isopropyl alcohol and having to mix them at some weird ratio. No specialty equipment is needed either… everything can be applied using paint rollers or pump sprayers. How can you beat that?!! So knock it out of the ballpark on your first swing by using the CretoSeal™ line of concrete and stone improvement products.

Set yourself up for success. No one likes wearing some heavy duty respirator all day just to stain or seal their concrete. All of our products are considered environmentally friendly which means low odor and low VOCs… or no VOCs at all.  That’s great news when you’re applying these products… especially indoors. 

Plus you don’t want to find your pet dead in the corner from breathing in the fumes, right?!! So make the right choice not only for your floors but for your health too!

Who doesn’t like discounts? If you’re a contractor and would like discounts on our restoration products, please use the contact form on the home page to message us. Let us know your companies name, what product or products you’re interested in, and we’ll make a personalized discount code just for your company. How can you beat that?!!

We charge a flat rate flex shipping fee for most of our products. The larger the order, the cheaper the shipping gets. Plus all of the SealGreen products ship free… can’t beat that! All products are drop shipped from the manufacturers distribution centers. Modern Stone products ship from Chandler, AZ – Creto Sealants ship from Las Vegas, NV – Sweet Concrete ship from Wilmington, CA – SealGreen products always ship FREE from Overland Park, KS. 


Please evaluate your project and do your due diligence before purchasing CretoSeal™ products. CretoSeal™ acts as the online distributor for these great companies but the manufacturers do not accept returns. That said, if any of our products are damaged during shipping please contact us and we’ll happily replace the item free of charge.