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CretoSeal™ exclusively features products from Creto Concrete Sealants and Modern Stone Technologies. These artisan quality products are now available to home owners and contractors alike.

Modern Stone products are shipped out of Chandler, Arizona, and Creto Sealants are shipped out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS) – One Gallon


Creto DPS is a PERMANENT, ONE TIME water based internal membrane forming application sealant that completely waterproofs, strengthens, cures, dust-proofs, and preserves most cement-type surfaces. This product is great for waterproofing below grade concrete and permanently elimination efflorescence. When ordering 5 gallon quantities product will be shipped in 5 gal buckets.

Top Seal – One Gallon


CRETO TopSeal is an odorless, hydrophobic clear sealer that is environmentally friendly and effective for natural stone, concrete, clay brick, pavers, block walls, and painted surfaces. Your surface will look natural with no glossy shine or wet look. TopSeal leaves treated surfaces protected against staining from chemicals, wine, oil, etc. and allowing easy ice removal from protected surfaces. When ordering 5 gallon quantities product will be shipped in 5 gal buckets.

Color Mist – One Gallon


Color Mist is a water-based concrete stain with great UV stability and excellent penetration. Choose from 15 different stain colors that will leave your concrete with a rich, organic pattern. If applied correctly this stain is non-film forming which increases topcoat bonding ability.

Enhancer – One Gallon


Enhancer is a premium water based, enhancing sealer formulated to darken, highlight and enhance the beauty and character of natural stone.

Paver & Masonry Sealer – One Gallon


Paver & Masonry Sealer is an advanced water based outdoor sealer that can be use on marble, granite, limestone, travertine, concrete/masonry, saltillo tile, clay tile, stucco, terrazzo, and grout.