How to dry out concrete in 24 hours

How To Dry Out Concrete in 24 Hours

How To Dry Out Concrete in 24 Hours   Concrete is an extremely porous substrate and absorbs large amounts of moisture after seasonal rains and flooding. Water from the earth below leeches up through the slab creating moisture problems in buildings, leading to mold and mildew growth. Mold growth should be avoided at all costs…

Shot Blast Machine Creto DPS

How To Remove Epoxy From Concrete

How To Remove Epoxy From Concrete   Shot blast machines can be used to remove epoxy topcoats and other topical sealant / paints from concrete floors. Shot blast machines use small metal pellets (shot) blasted down upon the concrete, removing any stubborn topical coating. These machines recycle the shot which reduces waste. They also have…

Green Concrete Sealer - Creto DPS

Green Concrete Sealer

Green Concrete Sealer   Creto Deep Penetrating Sealer is the one and only green concrete sealer on the market that is permanent (one time application), breathable, and holds a hydrostatic head. This unique product hardens and strengthens the substrate while neutralizing the pH of the slab. Creto DPS also reduces or eliminates freeze-thaw damage,  mineral…

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How To Prepare Concrete Floors For Topcoats

How To Prepare Concrete Floors For Topcoats   There are three things to address before applying a topcoat to any concrete floor… Contaminants, moisture, and pH. Contaminants can be anything from dust and dirt to grease, mold, mildew and other topical sealants. These need to be removed before any topical sealant can properly adhere to…

Sealed Grout

How To Seal Grout

How To Seal Grout Permanently   Grout is an extremely porous substrate and collects stains, dirt, and mold quickly if it is not properly sealed. You can get unwanted urine smells in bathrooms, stains on kitchen floors, and mold growth in shower stalls. You can prevent this from happening by properly sealing your grout. It’s…

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings – Cost, Advantages, and Installation   This article I found on Angie’s List talks about the advantages of epoxy floor coatings on concrete. It’s a good article that goes over the basics about epoxy coatings. I would add that when applying epoxies to concrete along with using Creto Deep Penetrating Sealer you…


Elevator Pit Waterproofing

Elevator Pit Waterproofing   Elevators pits can be susceptible to flooding and water leakage because of the fact that the pits are usually one of the lowest points in a building and therefor below grade. Water can seep into the pit and pool there causing damage to the concrete foundation and to the elevator equipment.…

Concrete Basement Waterproofing

Solve Moisture Problems in Concrete Basements

Solve Moisture Problems in Concrete Basements   Are you experiencing moisture problems in your basement or concrete slabs? We solve moisture problems! Today we are seeing more and more problems due to moisture in basements or concrete floors. Does your basement or floor show any sign of moisture after each rain or heavy snow melt? …