Prevent concrete deterioration with Creto DPS

Stop Concrete Deterioration

– Concrete Deterioration –   I found this great article on and wanted to share it. The article goes into concrete deterioration causes and solutions. One solution is to seal your concrete with with the proper sealants. Creto DPS is a penetrating concrete sealant that permanently waterproofs concrete while leaving the substrate breathable. It…


Restore vs. Replace

 – Restore vs. Replace –   Mudjacking vs. re-pouring a sidewalk  or restore vs. replace… An age old question. Which is better? I believe it is always better to restore and reuse building materials rather than replacing them. The restoration process usually creates less waste ending up in your local land fill. The ancient Egyptians…

Creto DPS Concrete Sealers

The Importance of Concrete Sealers

– Concrete Sealers –   I came across this article and wanted to share it with everyone. It’s an article about the importance of concrete sealers for the preservation of concrete. They talk about most types of concrete sealants on the market but didn’t go into how our unique sealant works. The Creto DPS sealer…