The Claw – 17″ Pad Driver


The CLAW is an aggressive 17” pad driver that can mount both 3” round and trapezoidal diamond tools.


The Hawk CLAW Diamond Pad Driver provides peak grinding and polishing results to the natural stone and concrete tradesman. The CLAW is a weighted 17” pad driver and drives both 3” round and trapezoidal diamond tools.

Tools are held in milled recesses in the CLAW plate with the unique Mag-Lok industrial magnet system. Grinding and polishing tools mount securely on the plate, yet are easy to change without shop tools.

Operating vibrations are reduced by Neoprene rubber vibration damping isolators built into the mounting system with custom milled aluminum clutch plate. Power the CLAW with your severe-duty 1.5 HP rotary floor machines.

Engineered Design:
•  The weighted CLAW plate is built with 3/8” plate steel, e-coated
for corrosion resistance and easier clean up
•  The face of the CLAW plate is milled with round and trapezoidal
tool mounting recesses, fit with a Mag-Lok industrial magnet
•  The top of the plate is fit with a custom milled aluminum NP9200
clutch plate, sitting on top of six 1” Neoprene rubber vibration
isolaters. These isolaters reduce vibration and flex over high
points and lippage.
•  Round 3” resin tools mount securely on a 3” metal adaptor plate
with hook and loop face. The adaptor and tool combination
mounts onto the CLAW plate with the Mag-Lok System.
•  The 17” CLAW plates have hand grab holes.
•  Includes round and trapezoidal hole blanks. Blanks prevent
debris buildup in recesses.
•  Includes 3” steel mounting adapters with hook & loop mounting
•  Order additional adapters(#KIT2018-1 – Set of 6), or the
replacement hook face sheet that mounts on the steel adapters
    (#KIT2018 – Set of 6).

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 8 in

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