Sweet & Easy Sealer®


Sweet & Easy Sealer® is a ready to use, easy to apply, fast curing polyaspartic / polyurea surface coating for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


*NOTICE This product does not ship to LA County, Riverside County, Orange County and San Bernardino County California.

Sweet & Easy Sealer® is a ready to use, easy to apply, fast curing, clear polyaspartic / polyurea surface coating. This industrial strength coating can be applied interior or exterior in residential, commercial, or industrial settings. Pigment packs can be added if an opaque color is desired.

  • High gloss and 100% UV stable.
  • No primer required.
  • No mixing required (unless adding the pigment pack)
  • Fast curing, multiple coats can be applied in one day.
  • Works well with polymer flake broadcast.
  • Highly chemical, heat, and scratch resistant.
  • Easy to apply using only paint rollers.

Sweet & Easy Sealer® solves issues associated with other polyaspartic systems by eliminating pot-life issues because no mixing is involved… meaning the product will not begin to cure until it’s been applied. Sweet & Easy Sealer® has excellent self-leveling capability and is tack free in 2-4 hours. This sealer can be used as a stand alone clear coat to be applied over prepared concrete, or stained concrete. It can also be used as base coat and / or topcoat which means no primer is required. Sweet! Convenient color pigment packs can be added to clear Sweet & Easy Sealer® to provide a durable color base coat. Polymer color flakes, quartz, mica, and polymer flake blends can be broadcast into the colored base coat. Non-slip media can be mixed into the top coat to increase slip coefficient properties.

Multiple coats can be applied in one day. Re-coat time is between 2 – 6 hours. ADDITIONAL COATS HAVE TO BE APPLIED IN THE 2 – 6 HOUR WINDOW FOR PROPER CURING / BONDING.

Question: Is  Sweet & Easy Sealer® more hazardous than epoxy or other polyaspartic / polyurea products?

Answer: No, the hazard ratings on most coating products used for garage floors or concrete coating projects generally have the same rating. Sweet & Easy Sealer® has a lower reactivity level then other products because the reaction of the product is 90% completed during the manufacturing process. Any exposure to a chemical reaction is almost eliminated, the solvent evaporation allows the product to fully cure. In other words when two part systems are mixed on site, 100% of the reaction happens right then and that means more harmful chemicals are released on site.

Approximate coverage: 2.0 Mils = 500 sq.ft. / 4 Mils = 250 sq.ft. / 8 Mils = 125 sq.ft.

Check out the videos below for proper application techniques.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in

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