Sweet Concrete Traction


Sweet Concrete Traction is a textured sealer additive which adds slip resistance to our surface sealers.


Sweet Concrete Traction

Sweet Concrete Traction is a non-slip textured sealer additive. To be more specific, it’s an aluminum oxide powder at 200 mesh. Each container is 100 grams which can be added to one – two gallons of surface sealer. This micro-sphere additive can be used with any of our surface sealers like Barrier, Poly Shine, or Sweet Concrete Coating. Sweet Concrete Traction can be used on interior and exterior sealed concrete where a slip resistant surface is desired such as pool decks, stairs, walkways, patios, garage floors, driveways, and lobbies.

The micro-sphere shape of the additive make it softer on bare feet and easier to clean compared to broadcast sand.

Application: Each container has 100 grams of aluminum oxide. I recommend using between half to an entire container of Sweet Concrete Traction per gallon of surface sealer. Portion out and slowly mix into the gallon of sealer. Make sure each gallon gets the same amount for a consistent look. This can be done in a mixing bucket if needed. Blend in slowly to prevent clumping and an even broadcast throughout. Wear safety goggles and respirator while mixing.

Pour out the mixed sealer into a paint tray and apply as usual. Please watch our videos showing how to properly roll out and apply Barrier or our other floor coatings.

Tips: When using sealers like Barrier and Poly Shine it’s recommended to add the media to the first coat and roll on as usual. If the first coat doesn’t seem to have enough texture, mix in another container into the sealer for the second coat. The second and or third coats will help lock the media into the sealer.

For thicker coatings like Sweet Concrete Coating it’s recommended to add the media into the final coat and roll on like usual.

The more you add the more it will matte out the look of the sealer.

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