DIY Stain Kit

Check out your new Do-It-Yourself Concrete Staining Kit with all of the free bonuses here!


DIY Stain Kit

So your new DIY stain kit is one of a kind, for sure! It includes two different types of cleaners to prepare the concrete. It also comes with a gallon of Color Mist concrete stain and two gallons of Barrier indoor / outdoor sealer for three coats of protection. All of these products are super easy to use. None of them need to be diluted or mixed either… yay! That’s all fine and dandy, but what makes your new stain kit so unique?

It’s all of the FREE bonuses you get with the stain kit… like the exclusive video training course. This course is what I use to train my employees so you know it’s thorough. It also comes with these systems in PDF form. These can be printed out and kept on site. Included is the essential tools list as well.

Did I mention free shipping? That’s right, free shipping. In addition, you’ll get my personal phone number so you can text or email me directly if you have any questions… nice!

And if that’s not enough, you’ll have a one year money back guarantee. No other company offers this. In the unlikely chance that you screw the application up, we’ll either send you the products to fix it for free, or give you your money back. Whichever you would prefer. That makes this offer completely risk free!

How To Purchase

So go ahead and click the green button on the top of this page so you can get started on beautifying your concrete today!

Additional Colors

If you would like additional colors of concrete stain you can pick some up here.