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Garage Stain Kit

Save $60 when buying this kit! The garage flake kit will help remove years of oil and grime build up from your concrete garage floor. You’ll get approximately 400 sq. ft. per kit and that includes two coats of polyaspartic sealer ( and pigment for the base coat ) and full broadcast flake for extra durability. Creto Deep Penetrating Sealer is used to permanently waterproof and preserve the slab, which will hold back hydrostatic pressure. It also strengthens the concrete and prevents mold and bacteria growth.


  1. Clean the concrete using the Ultra Clean degreaser and a deck brush, scrubbing the concrete well. Dilute as directed. A stronger mixture will etch the concrete which opens the pores of the slab and prepares the concrete for the staining and sealing. The concrete should then be pressure washed, hosed off, or rinsed with water and shop vacuumed up, or mopped up.
  2. After cleaning apply Creto DPS with a mop. Keep the areas wet with sealer for 15 – 30 minutes. Remove any left over sealer then immediately rinse the concrete with water. This can be pressure washing, hosing off, or mopping with water and shop vacuumed up, or mopped up. Allow the sealer to cure (@ 50º or above) for 24 – 72 hours depending on the temperature.
  3. Mask the bottom of the walls or anywhere that the paint roller might touch.
  4. Mix the Sweet & Easy pigment pack with the Sweet & Easy sealer in a clean five gallon bucket. A drill set on low or a paint mixing stick should work fine. Make sure the pigment is mixed in well and try not to get air bubbles into the mix by mixing too fast.
  5. Apply the Sweet & Easy pigmented sealer using a short nap shedless paint roller on an extension. Pouring the mix into a paint tray is recommended. Use either a 9″ roller or an 18″ roller for best results. A 3″ roller or paint brush can be used for the edges.
  6. Work a 100 sq. ft. section and then immediately broadcast the flake into the section by walking over the coating with epoxy cleats. You can also work smaller sections without cleats and broadcast into the smaller section working your way out. Throw the flake high in the air for a more even broadcast. Cover the floor completely with flake for best results. *We recommend doing the full flake (40 lbs) for added durability.
  7. Two to four hours after the first coat is applied (or when the floor is tackless) then scrape the floor with a 18″ wide floor scrapper. This will bring up any loose flake. The floor should then be vacuumed up thoroughly so there isn’t any loose flake on the floor.
  8. After the loose flake is cleaned immediately apply the clear coat. Pour the Sweet & Easy sealer into a paint tray and roll on a nice thick layer of coating. Make sure to not miss any spots and gently back roll the coating for a beautiful consistent sheen. The coating can have light foot traffic the following day and full cure and automotive traffic will require 72 hours or so depending on the temperature.

Watch this video on how to apply our Sweet & Easy flake system to your garage floor.

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