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Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS)

From: $49.95

Creto DPS is a PERMANENT, water based sealant that completely waterproofs, strengthens, dust-proofs, and preserves concrete surfaces. It will eliminate efflorescence and moisture in concrete which prevents topcoat delamination. It also increases topcoat adherence up to 300%! Watch our videos for proper application techniques.


Garage Stain Kit

From $463.65

Save $50 on this DIY garage staining kit. Besides looking fantastic, it’s easy to apply and will protect your garage floor for years to come.


Garage Flake Kit

From $658.60

Create a stylish, modern, and durable garage floor using this system and instantly save $60 on the bundle.


Driveway Stain Kit

From $536.70

Save $30 on this DIY driveway and garage staining kit. It’s easy to use and it will make your driveway or garage look great!