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XTACULAR is a highly concentrated stain enzyme and probiotic based cleaner for both carpet and hard surfaces.


Urine and Organic Stain Enzyme Cleaner

This cleaner is my go to for cleaning and removing pet urine stains from porous concrete. I like Xtacular because it continues to break down the organic material like pet stains for days after cleaning the surface. It thoroughly removes smells from the hard surface and if this doesn’t get out pet urine smells, nothing will!

XTACULAR is a highly concentrated stain lifter and cleaner for both carpet and hard surfaces alike.  This amazing probiotic based formula penetrates deeply and lifts out stains up to 24 hours after a spill!  XTACULAR will remove dirt, grease, wine, ketchup, coffee, blood, ink and many other hard to treat stains and spills even long after they have occurred.  Excellent performance on pet stains as well.  Designed for use on most surfaces including tile, stone, grout and synthetic fiber carpets.  It’s that easy.  XTACULAR leaves behind a microscopic layer of beneficial bacteria that continue to work longer after the surface has been cleaned. Highly effective on dirt, grime, and even mold and mildew.

•        Strong Stain Remover

•        For Hard Surfaces And Carpet

•        Non-Toxic, Probiotic formula

Directions For Use :

Hard Surfaces

Add 1 to 2 ounces per gallon into a mop bucket of pump up sprayer.  Mop or spray onto soiled surface and agitate.  Allow to dwell for up to 5 minutes depending on level of soiling. Mop with clean water or extract with a dry vac or profession extractor.  Repeat process if necessary, for stubborn spills.


Spray grout lines and scrub thoroughly.  Allow product to dwell for up to five minutes, but do not let cleaner dry on surface.  Clean Xtacular from grout lines with a wet sponge or towel.


Spray Xtacular directly on carpet stain, saturating thoroughly.  Allow the cleaner to dwell on stain for up to 10 minutes.  Blot away stain residue with and absorbent terry or paper towel.  If some residual stain still remains, repeat process.  Once stain is removed.  Allow area to dry.  Keep all foot traffic and pets away from cleaned area.  Wait 24 hours, then vacuum up dry cleaned area to remove any final soiling that has been captured by Xtacular’s amazing surfactants.

Use gloves when applying.  Ensure proper ventilation during process.  Always test in an inconspicuous area to determine effectiveness prior to use.  Do not dilute.


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 12 in

1 gal., 5 gal.

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