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MicroShine is an ultra thin micro coating protection system for polished or sealed concrete.


Do you want the best of the best for your sealed concrete floor? This is it! MicroShine is a micro topping that is meant to go over previously sealed or polished concrete. It adds an ultra thin layer of protection and greatly increases the slip resistance of the surface. Take your sealed concrete to the next level with MicroShine!

MicroShine is an unique micro coating protection system for polished or sealed concrete, stone, tile, and vinyl surfaces. Two very thin coats is all that’s necessary to bond and protect surfaces from chemical damage, stains and abrasion. This high performing product works extremely well in high moisture scenarios such as showers and pool decks. It is simple to apply, water-based and has very low VOCs. This amazing micro topping works great on floors and counter tops and is for residential and commercial applications.

  • Reduces slip and fall risk, great traction
  • Multiple coats can be applied in one day
  • Quick curing time, light foot traffic in two hours
  • High chemical and scratch resistance
  • Super low VOCs, essentially no odor
  • Semi-gloss finish, ultra shiny finish with burnishing
  • Cost effective


Clean surface to be protected thoroughly. Extract, rinse, or mop surface to remover cleaner residue after cleaning.
Pour the necessary amount of MicroShine into a common trigger spray bottle or pump sprayer. Attach a microfiber pad (polyamide 80 / 20 blend recommended) to a flat floor mop or hand applicator.
Spray MicroShine onto the microfiber applicator pad to dampen the pad – do not over saturate pad. Hold trigger sprayer approximately two feet from the surface and spray the coating in an even line across the length of surface. For large surfaces work in 10′ to 20′ lengths at a time. Pull the product over the surface approximately two to three feet from the spray line. Apply even pressure to the pad and do not attempt to pull the product too quickly. Do not overwork the product. Only pull in one direction, towards you. For missed spots, lightly spray that area and pull product out. Continue process until the entire surface is coated. Once coated, product should be dry to touch or ready for light foot traffic within 30 minutes or less. Apply the second coat approximately one hour after the first coat for proper bonding / curing. Ensure light coats are applied. MicroShine is usually ready for foot traffic two hours after the final coat and is fully cured in 24 hours.

A good combination for a honed and stained concrete floor would be one coat of Barrier EXT as the base coat and then two coats of MicroShine. This would leave the floor with added chemical and scratch resistance, added slip resistance, while leaving the floor looking more like polished concrete rather than having a thick coating look like an epoxy or polyaspartic. MicroShine can also be buffed to a higher shine using our Evolution Pads (shine).

MicroShine only comes in quart size and gets roughly 800 square feet per quart (one coat).

Check out these videos showing how to apply MicroShine.




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