Coating Cleats


Coating Cleats used for safely walking across floor strippers and polyaspartic coatings.


Coating Cleats – heavy duty boot attachments with spikes used to walk over wet coatings without tracking the surface.

Benefits of Coating Cleats:
1. Made of solvent-resistant polypropylene.
2. They are black, so they do not look so dirty after many years of use.
3. They have 13 spikes well distributed to maintain good balance.
4. The spikes are 7/8 inches long to allow you to walk over thicker coatings.
5. The spikes are bolted so they can be replaced as needed.
6. The adjustable buckles are made of heavy plastic and snap together for easy on and off.
7. The straps can be adjusted to fit almost any work shoe / boot.
8. The base plate has slots to adjust the strap to fit wide and skinny shoes.
9. The back part of the shoe has a hard ½ tall back to prevent slipping out of the shoes.

1. Spike shoes are for walking over hard surfaces like concrete.
2. DO NOT walk over soft surfaces like wood because they will make holes in the wood.
3. REQUIRED: Practice walking with the shoes on to prevent slipping or falling.
4. Always walk by picking your feet and putting them down flat. Always walk slow.
5. NEVER TRY TO RUN or rush because you are more likely to fall
6. Never lean forward or backwards in excesses because the shoes may slip on the hard surface.
7. DO NOT drag your feet as you may scratch the wet coating or the surface.
8. ALWAYS clean the shoes after each use to avoid coating buildup on the spikes.
9. When walking NEVER roll your feet heel-to-toe or toe-to-heel.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs