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Poly-Shine Concrete Sealer is a water-based, easy to apply, single component, polyurethane sealant that gives surfaces a glossy “wet” finish. It enhances and protects the color and appearance stained concrete. Design for interior and exterior high foot traffic floors.


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Poly-Shine Concrete Sealer is a water-based, single component, polyurethane clear sealant that gives surfaces a glossy “wet” finish. It enhances the color and appearance of brick, concrete, stone and other similar surfaces. Design for heavy duty foot traffic.

Key Features:   Easy-to-apply  |  Durable  |  Stain Resistance  |  Low Odor  |  One Part Component |  Glossy Look  |  Low VOC Content

Poly-Shine Concrete Sealer offers long-lasting UV protection and will not crack, peel or yellow. It resists stains caused by oil, grease, fuels and other contaminates. And contains built-in mildewcides to control the formation of mold, mildew and algae.

Poly-Shine Concrete Sealer is formulated for use on driveway pavers, stamped concrete driveways, Chattahoochee decks, etc. It may also be applied to concrete and clay roof tiles and asphaltic roof shingles to seal the aggregate in place; along with enhancing the appearance and providing protection to dulled and weathered-painted surfaces

Application Tips:

  • Apply Poly Step Guard between 50° – 70° fahrenheit
  • It’s best to apply in the mornings when the concrete is cool, before the substrate heats up from the sun.
  • DO NOT apply on windy days and NO fans. This will make the sealer cure too quickly which can lead to “clouding” or white spots in the sealer.
  • “Thin to win!” It’s better to apply multiple thin layers using a short nap roller instead of one thick layer (when it’s warmer out or a little windy).
  • Work out of a paint tray instead of pouring directly onto the concrete.
  • Back roll the sealer immediately to ensure no areas are missed.


Poly-Shine Concrete Sealer ranges from 650 sq. ft per gallon to 750 sq. ft. per gallon depending on type of surface and surface porosity. 250 sq. ft. per gallon will yield 6.4 mils wet and 1.5 mils dry film thickness. Poly-Shine Sealer goes on easily and dries to a clear, high gloss finish..


Poly-Shine Concrete Sealer may be applied by brush, roller (short nap mohair) or low pressure airless spray. One coat is usually sufficient; however, if a second coat is desired, allow a minimum of 4 hours between applications of further coats. At 77° F and 50% RH the coating should be dry to the touch in about an hour. This time may vary based on exact prevailing conditions.

A full 72-hour curing time is required for optimal curing before subjecting the coating to heavy traffic. Prior to application, make sure that the washed surface is allowed to dry for at least 24 hours. Do not apply at temperatures below 50° F or above 90° F. Postpone application if rain or heavy dew is imminent. Avoid heavy buildup, puddling and overlapping of sealer. For more detailed Preparation and Application instructions please contact SealGreen directly.

Non-Skid: Sealed surfaces, particularly those sealed with High-Solid sealers, may become slippery when wet. SealGreen’s Custom Poly-Step Guard Non-Skid may be added to help reduce slipping.

Clean Up:

Clean spills and splatters immediately with soap and warm water. Clean hands and tools immediately after use with soap and warm water. After cleaning, flush spray equipment with mineral spirits to prevent rusting of the equipment. Follow manufacturer’s safety recommendations when using mineral spirits.

Test Instructions for Old, New, Stamped Concrete, Colored Concrete, Acid-Stained Concrete/Cements (Interior) and Gypsum Flooring to provide a true test please follow these instructions:

1.Select an area approximately6 inches by 6 inches on the floor where a test can be applied.

2.Test Area  should be where the sealer still looks good but needs to restore the shine. Please select an inconspicuous area where the test will NOT be very visual.

3.Spray the area to be tested with the SealGreen Oil Cleaner Degreaser and allow to remain in place for 5 minutes before rinsing with clean water or wiping with a damp clean cloth or paper towel.

4.Allow the test area/sto dry for at least 20 minutes. The dry test area should look like it did before cleaning.

5.Pour a small amount of the SealGreen Poly Shine over the area and spread with a brush to cover the entire test area. Do NOT allow the Poly Shine to puddle. The Poly Shine initially is milky colored but as it dries it will become clear and glossy.

6.Allow to dry for 20 minutes.

7.Test results evaluation: a.Test Area The floor should look rich in color and glossy after the SealGreen Poly Shine has dried. If this is true the SealGreen Poly Shine is the perfect solution to restore the color and protect your concrete. If the application of the SealGreen Poly Shine has crinkled the old sealer and makes the surface rough it is a sign that the SealGreen Poly Shine is NOT compatible with the old sealer. If this is the case, in order to restore the color and seal the floor you will need to strip the old sealer from the concrete before any other sealer is applied. To remove the old sealer from the floor we recommend using SealGreen SCR1600 Paint and Sealer Remover.

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