Backer Rod For Expansion Joints And Cracks

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Backer Rod for Expansion Joint Repair and Crack Repair


 Backer Rod for Expansion Joint and Crack Repair

Backer Rod for Expansion Joint and Crack Repair is a closed-cell backer rod; a soft and pliable filler designed to partially fill concrete expansion joints or cracks in concrete before applying joint sealer caulk. This material is non-absorbent and will allow you to control the depth of the concrete joint sealant.

Backer rod comes in various sizes – 1/4″, 7/8″ and 1 1/8″. You should chose the size that is just a bit bigger than the expansion joint or crack that you are trying to repair so that when the backer rod is inserted into the joint or crack that it creates a tight bond. You want it to fill the crack or joint so that when you apply the joint sealant caulk that the caulk stays above the backer rod and does not run under the backer rod and waste your caulk. Backer rod is an essential part of the package of materials you will need for expansion joint repair or expansion joint replacement.

 Tips and Tricks to use Backer Rod:

1.  Always use a backer rod sized just bigger than the crack or joint you are trying to repair.
2.  If the joint or crack is bigger than the backer rod size you have, you can twist the backer rod together to make it bigger.
3.  Use the back-end of a screwdriver or some blunt edge tool or your fingers to push the backer rod into place.
4.  Backer rod should be 1/2-inch deep from the surface.

Product Specifications:

SealGreen Soft Type Backer Rod is a soft close cell, pliable and non-gassing backup material that is inserted into a joint to control sealant depth. This creates a backstop to facilitate proper sealant tooling, yielding a quality bond breaker between the backup material and the sealant. ITP Soft Type Backer Rod can also be used as a temporary joint seal.

Specific Uses:
SealGreen Soft Type Backer Rod is suitable for specialty applications where standard backer rods are not appropriate. They are ideal for irregular joint applications, particularly where free flowing and self-leveling sealants are employed. SealGreen Soft Type Backer Rods can also be used in place of most standard backer rods, and are highly recommended for applications in which bubbling is a critical concern.

Backer rod needs to fit tightly with in the opening to remain in place and contain the self leveling caulk (45 SSL Caulk)

  • For 1 inch openings or smaller use the 1-1/8 backer rod
  • For 1/4 inch openings or smaller use the 1/4 backer rod


SealGreen Soft Type Backer Rod is made of a basically inert material. It is compatible with all known cold applied sealants including butyl, polysulfide, acrylic, polyurethane and silicone.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Rod Sizes

1 1/8-inch, 1/4-inch

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