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Efflorescence Remover Concentrate – One Gallon


Efflorescence Remover is buffered, non-acid, organic salts, technologically advanced concentrated cleaner designed for the removal of efflorescence, mineral and salt deposits from virtually any type of hardscape surface with minimal or no brushing.

Grey Out Waterless Oil Remover – One Pint


Gray-Out is a DRY concrete cleaning powder that you spread over concrete using a broom head applicator This concrete cleaner is an activated enzyme that immediately begins to work by breaking down embedded oil stains.

Oil Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate – One Gallon


Oil Cleaner / Degreaser – Concentrate Mixes with any drinkable water to desire strength. Lifts, biodegrades and suspends oil or grease for easy rinsing. Great for Oil or Grease removal, for preparing a surface for painting, sealing, re-coating or stain application.

Kennel Concrete Sealer – One Gallon


SealGreen Kennel Concrete Siliconate Sealer with Salt Defense Technology is ideal for kennels with smooth or broom finished concrete floors inside or outside. Our sealer is an odorless, water-based solution developed to effectively treat a wide range of concrete surfaces with out endangering your pets with slippery floors.

Maintenance Concrete Sealer – One Gallon


Maintenance Concrete Sealer with Salt Defense Technology – For application to concrete already sealed with SealGreen Concrete Sealer every 3 to 5 years or annually. This seals any pores that have opened since the initial SealGreen Concrete Sealer application due to wear and traffic over the concrete.

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Top Seal – One Gallon


CRETO TopSeal is an odorless, hydrophobic clear sealer that is environmentally friendly and effective for natural stone, concrete, clay brick, pavers, block walls, and painted surfaces. Your surface will look natural with no glossy shine or wet look. TopSeal leaves treated surfaces protected against staining from chemicals, wine, oil, etc. and allowing easy ice removal from protected surfaces. When ordering 5 gallon quantities product will be shipped in 5 gal buckets.

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Barrier EXT – One Gallon


Barrier EXT is a highly durable, chemically resistant, film forming topical sealer for concrete and natural stone.

Enhancer – One Gallon


Enhancer is a premium water based, enhancing sealer formulated to darken, highlight and enhance the beauty and character of natural stone.

Paver & Masonry Sealer – One Gallon


Paver & Masonry Sealer is an advanced water based outdoor sealer that can be use on marble, granite, limestone, travertine, concrete/masonry, saltillo tile, clay tile, stucco, terrazzo, and grout.