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Ultra Clean – One Gallon


Ultra Clean is an affordable, easy to use, industrial strength de-greaser that removes dirt, oils, and stains from neglected concrete. Used at full strength it can strip off acrylic and wax finishes. This is a great cleaner for preparing your concrete surfaces before the staining and sealing process.

Driveway / Garage Cleaner Concentrate – One Gallon


Driveway and Garage Cleaner is great cleaner for oil or grease on concrete (with unique, oil splitting characteristics) is a waterborne, environmentally-friendly cleaner that will lift and remove oil, grease and dirt residue from ANY washable surface.

Oil Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate – One Gallon


Oil Cleaner / Degreaser – Concentrate Mixes with any drinkable water to desire strength. Lifts, biodegrades and suspends oil or grease for easy rinsing. Great for Oil or Grease removal, for preparing a surface for painting, sealing, re-coating or stain application.