Strip and Stain Kit

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$40 savings on this stripping and staining combo. This kit will help you strip up any preexisting adhesives or sealants before staining your concrete.

Strip your floor and save $40.
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Strip and Stain Kit

$40 Kit Discount! This floor stripping and concrete staining kit will help you remove any preexisting adhesives or sealers from your concrete before staining. You’ll get 300 – 400 sq. ft. per kit and that includes two coats of surface sealer for extra protection. Creto Deep Penetrating Sealer is used to permanently waterproof and preserve the slab, which greatly reduces freeze / thaw damage and efflorescence. This helps prevent topcoat delamination or peeling. It also strengthens the concrete and prevents mold and bacteria growth.


  1. Apply a thick, even layer of SCR1600. Applying too thin of a layer can reduce the strength. Let it sit for 8 or 12 hours but for two-part coatings, like epoxies, it can take up to 24 hours. Then scrub the floors using a floor machine or deck brush and vacuum up the stripper and particles with a shop vac. THIS STRIPPER CAN BE VERY SLIPPERY. I use a towel or drop cloth to walk over while scrubbing the concrete.
  2. Clean the concrete using the Oil Cleaner Degreaser and a deck brush, scrubbing the concrete well. The concrete can then be pressure washed, hosed off, or rinsed with water and shop vacuumed up, or mopped up.
  3. After cleaning apply Creto DPS using a short nap paint roller on an extension for broom finished or stamped concrete, and a mop for honed concrete. Keep the areas wet with sealer for 15 – 30 minutes. Remove any left over sealer then immediately rinse the concrete with water. This can be pressure washing, hosing off, or mopping with water and shop vacuumed up, or mopped up. Allow the sealer to cure (@ 50º or above) for 24 – 72 hours depending on the temperature.
  4. Mask the bottom two feet of any interior wall to prevent over-spray from the stain. Cardboard can be used to block over-spray for exterior applications.
  5. Apply the Color Mist concrete stain using a pump sprayer with a cone tip for best results.
  6. After the stain is dry to touch, apply the Poly Shine using a short nap paint roller on an extension for broom finished or stamped concrete. Use an 18″ roller for honed concrete applications. Approximately one hour after the first coat a second coat should be applied.

The first video shows the proper floor stripping process from beginning to end. The following video shows how to apply the Color Mist stain Poly Shine sealer.

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